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. . . should I hire a KonMari® Consultant?

There are many reasons you may be ready for home organization:

  • You’re in transition and are looking to make a change.

  • You're ready to move from a chaotic lifestyle to one of peace and order.

  • You or a loved one is downsizing and excited for the next chapter of life.

  • You're getting ready to sell your residence.

  • You’re getting ready to move into a new space and only want to bring in what you love.

  • You've lost a loved one and a lifetime of belongings need your attention.     

  • You’ve “tried everything” and want to succeed once and for all.

  • You’re ready to commit to the program.

  • You’re willing to make the time to do the work.

  • You’re ready to live in a home where everything around you sparks joy.

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. . . does the KonMari Method   work?


If you tidy by category, once you’ve completed all the categories, you’ve done it ALL and your entire house is organized and filled with what you love. (Yay!)


If you tidy by location, you finish that location, move on to the next, and to the next . . . eventually ending up back in the first location, only to find it in disarray once again. You sort the same types of items over and over and it’s a never-ending circle through your house. You NEVER feel done.  (Yuck.)

Why should I hire A Clear Way instead of another Home Organizer?
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For many reasonsyou’ll be in great hands working with me.

I’m freakishly passionate about this work. One client told me, “Amy I was so worried after you saw the state of my home you’d run in the other direction.” What she didn’t know was I couldn’t get back there fast enough. I would have started that moment if she had let me. I get this crazy rush of adrenaline and excitement before each tidying session. 

I make the tidying event fun and positive. Because I am so passionate – okay, obsessed – with this method, you won’t be able to help but enjoy the process. My energy is contagious. I promise you will quickly look forward to our sessions and most overwhelmed feelings will dissipate as we move along.

I am FAST but know when it’s time to slow down. I work quickly and take both our schedules seriously. I arrive ready to go in comfortable clothes, I bring my food and work through lunch while you take a break. That said, when we’re “joy checking” items it can be funny, reflective, emotional. We take the time we need at each step. I’m great at setting the pace and keeping us on track.

I will make you feel comfortable with your home, your belongings and your decisions. It’s YOUR home, these are YOUR things, this is YOUR life. I will empower you to keep – or let go of – your things without unnecessary opinion or commentary. You need not be embarrassed about the state of your home – that’s why you hired me! It’s easy to be intimidated by Instagram and Pinterest posts – they’re great eye candy but this is real life. I’m your partner and you will feel comfortable with me.  

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