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  • I don’t really understand the “Does it Spark Joy?” question and it kind of bugs me.
    Yes it feels silly at first but once you get used to it you can’t imagine any other way. Honestly it only feels silly because we aren’t used to asking it - when all along this should have been the ONLY question before bringing items into our home. And yes, practical things can spark joy because of their usefulness and how they help your everyday living. The broom in your pantry may not immediately spark joy but would crawling on the floor picking up crumbs make you happy? No! Bring on that gorgeous broom – I love that thing!
  • Once my home is organized, how do I keep it that way? "
    Once you have discarded items that no longer bring you joy, we meticulously find a place for every single item you own. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to keep your home tidy when everything in your home has a place to land. A key pillar of this philosophy is to create long lasting change in your home that is sustainable – forever. Tidying should be a one-time EVENT. The key is to do the entire program ONCE and then you are armed with the tools and talent to maintain your peaceful new lifestyle on your own.
  • I don’t live alone. Will we tidy all of our things at the same time?
    You and only you will be my first client in your home. A great analogy presented at our KonMari Consultant training stuck with me: It’s like on the airplane when they advise you to secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others. We need to get you squared away first. Then we can work together with your kids or I can work one-on-one with your roommate or partner if they would like. That said, there are usually shared spaces in a home. We will want to communicate clearly with everyone in the household to ensure all are in agreement with what will happen where.
  • What happens to all the items I discard?
    I am very passionate about removing things from your home immediately. I will want you to see immediate results and feel an immediate improvement in your life. So, I pack my car with as much as I can at the end of each session and donate it to my local charities or second hand stores.
  • What about supplies? Do you bring them? Do I provide them?
    Each tidying journey is different. I will bring my own trash bags, scissors, sticky notes, sharpies and strips of cardboard to use as temporary (or permanent!) drawer dividers. Other than that, we can discuss how best to manage the acquisition of desired items. Ideally we utilize what you already have! It’s amazing what all is revealed during the process and what can be repurposed.
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