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WHEn is the right time to tidy? 

Well my answer will always be “Now. Yesterday.” because I want your happiness to begin as soon as possible. But the bigger picture answer is this: The time to start tidying is when you’re ready. Chances are, if you’ve reached this page in my long-winded website, you’re ready now. Or will be very soon.

how lonG will it take to tidy my entire home?

When we meet, I will share my experiences with other clients and together we can come up with an estimate for how long it may take. The program is designed to take six months. For some it goes faster, for some it goes slower. It’s most important to get it ALL done correctly vs. focusing on how long it will take.

Factors that go into timing:

Your level of commitment and motivation

Your and my availability

The size of your home

The quantity of your belongings

All I can say for CERTAIN is that every situation is workable and there is no right or wrong speed. Consistency and a deliberate plan are the key to success — whether it's making progress 2x per week or 4x per week — it will get done and
will make it happen.

All meetings and sessions will take place where you want to tidy: Your home or place of business. I live in Pleasanton, California and will happily work with clients anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. I will absolutely consider longer distances on a case-by-case basis. Travel time is charged at 50% my hourly rate.

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